banner photo: TFA corps member, Sarah Kelly of Roger Williams Middle School, speaks during Congressional Leaders Day as part of Education Awareness Week.

Teacher Survey

Thank you so much for inviting Junior Achievement into your classroom!  We hope that it was an enjoyable and valuable experience.  We would love to hear your feedback and use it to improve our programming, so please take a few moments to answer the following questions.

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Teacher Name
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Volunteer Name
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Date of Completion
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Your Teaching Experience
Please tell us your level of agreement with the statements below: *
Please tell us your level of agreement with the statements below:
Materials provided a practical, step-by-step description of each activity.
The materials were visually appealing.
The activities stimulated student participation.
The content was age appropriate.
The activities aligned well with the school curriculum.
The program improved students decision-making skills.
The program improved students interpersonal communication skills.
The program exposed students to new careers.
The program helped students realize the importance of staying in school.
The program improved students teamwork skills.
The program improved students critical thinking skills.
The program helped prepare students for the world of work.
The program connected what is learned in the classroom to real life.
My volunteer was well prepared.
My volunteer was an effective presenter and facilitator.
I would recommend the JA experience to colleagues.
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