Schneider Electric '15

represented by: Hal Grant, Executive Vice President

Award Profile

Courageous Thinking and Action
More than 7 years ago, Schneider Electric recognized that its vision of enabling the world to do more with its energy had pervaded its employee culture. Throughout each department (Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance, HR, Legal, etc) there were hundreds of examples annually of employees caring for their community, and applying their individual energies towards a better world. From this natural genesis, Schneider Electric created the Community ImpACT initiative to inspire employees to engage with community partners. Through this program, employees are now able to make certain financial contributions to worthy causes with a match fromSchneider Electric. In addition, the concept of a “Day of Action” was developed as part of the Community ImpACT initiative. This allows every employee to apply one day per year to community service without the deduction of a vacation day. Within Rhode Island alone, this means that over 1,500 individuals can dedicate an entire day to community service, and apply their energies towards a better world.

Vision and Innovation
Hal has earned distinction as a respected leader within Schneider Electric over his 25 years with the company. Perhaps most importantly, Hal is seen as the Rhode Island ‘anchor’ and key contributor to the local community. Local involvement is focused in 4 core areas: Education, Environment, Global Citizenship, and Innovation in Science and Technology. When Hal speaks at employee forums and public events, he oft en reflects on Schneider Electric’s bigger purpose of helping the world make the most of its energy. Through actions more than words, Hal ensures all Schneider Electric employees are appreciated for their service to customers, both within the day-to-day job, and in their community actions.

Inspiring Leadership
Hal Grant began his career with Schneider Electric’s Square D company in 1985 as amanufacturing engineer at the company’s Cedar Rapids, Iowa, manufacturing facility. He has been with Schneider Electric for over 25 years and has held increasingly responsible positions within the organization. Part of Hal’s unique history is in the vast geographies and responsibilities he’s encountered. From Paris, to Nashville, to Shanghai, Hal has been responsible for a wide range of product lines, global supply chain, customer satisfaction, and quality. Hal is currently the Executive Vice President of Schneider Electric’s IT Business. Th e IT
Business is a global leader in Schneider Electric’s markets and represents 15% of Schneider Electric’s revenue. Th rough innovative products and solutions along with management soft ware and services, the IT Business ensures the availability of IT enabled systems within Home and Business Networks, Data Centers and Secure Power Systems for industry. As a community leader, Hal is a strong voice in Schneider Electric’s commitment to enabling employees to explore their passions towards actions in Education, Environment, Global Citizenship, and
Innovation in Science and Technology.

Community Mindedness
For more than 25 years, Schneider Electric has been a mission partner with Junior Achievement. Over this time period, more than 5,000 students have experienced Junior Achievement with more than 300 volunteers from Schneider Electric. In addition to the large-scale volunteer effort provided annually by Schneider Electric, over $300,000 in support of programs has been donated to advance the JA mission from Schneider Electric. As Rhode Island’s highest ranking official at Schneider Electric, Hal leads his employees through the example he sets. Oft en called a ‘servant leader,’ Hal sees the customer at the center of Schneider Electric’s mission, and embraces his employees as the key to the customer experience.

JA Mission Moment
Seeing is believing, but a feeling lasts forever. As a JA alum, I remember the experience with the JA program and how it helped me make a connection between engineering, business and people. Recently, I hosted a group of enthusiastic high school students from Warwick Area Career and Technical Center, who are applying their natural interests in Information Technology at school. During the JA Job Shadow program visit I, along with my colleagues at
Schneider Electric, was able to show the students first-hand how a business relies on IT at the core of its customer experience. Interacting with the JA students created a positive energy, a rewarding feeling that our commitment to Rhode Island’s young people through our Community ImpACT Program is truly making a difference. Aft er the visit, I received a note from a JA student named Tyler. Th e note read – “this was a very educational, interesting, and fun visit to
your company and one of my favorites taken with JA.” To Tyler and the many other JA students, Schneider Electric would like to express, with sincerity, that the pleasure was truly all ours.