Thomas Lansburg '12

Assistant Vice President, Webmaster & Operations Mgr.
RBS Citizens - Procurement Services

Award Profile

Courageous Thinking and Action
Educating the community on the topic of HIV/AIDS is not an easy task, but it’s a task that Tom Lansburg tackles head-on.  As volunteer for AIDS Project Rhode Island, he is dedicated to working with the organization to confront the issues surrounding this terrible and often misunderstood disease. By engaging the public with a clear message to eliminate the myths and stigmas, Tom helps to educate people on the facts as an effective solution in the fight to eradicate the disease.

Vision & Innovation
For more than forty years Tom has been an innovator. As a former Master Sergeant of the United States Air Force, he had top secret clearance to plan, organize, and carry out security and policy initiatives for the military, the NRO and NASA. He designed and implemented a secure and automated computer telecommunications reporting system for intelligence reporting to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Additionally, he was responsible for building and managing a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) during the integration of the Space Shuttle Program and National Security Programs. In his current role at RBS Citizens, he has developed a paperless office environment model and is implementing a multi-phase plan to increase efficiencies by creating a new innovative collaborative working environment called the “Procurement Service Center of Excellence” scheduled to be completed  in 2012.

Inspiring Leadership
Leading by example is just one of Tom’s mottos. He also believes in the importance of being the best you can be every day and how it can influence those around you to do the same. This positive attitude has inspired many of his colleagues, friends and family to embrace their volunteer efforts as an important mission necessary for improving the well-being of our community. Tom’s colleagues and friends are continually inspired by his work in the community and often join his volunteer efforts. Whether it’s cooking breakfast once a month at Amos House, participating in the “Dining Out for Life” program or mentoring youth in personal finance for Junior Achievement, Tom is always on the move.  Recently, Tom was nominated and recognized by his colleagues at RBS Citizens with the annual “Be Inspired Award”. The award acknowledges the tremendous impact he is making in the Rhode Island Community.

Community Mindedness
Tom is not a one-time volunteer seeking a temporary connection to an organization. He is a person who teaches through example the true meaning of giving of ones-self to benefit those less fortunate.  Tom’s service to these organizations and the community is never ending.  He volunteers his time to mentoring youth at Central High School, teaches Junior Achievement programs at the high school level, cooks breakfast once a month for those less fortunate at Amos House, educates the community on HIV/AIDS prevention for AIDS Project Rhode Island, and is a computer trainer for disadvantaged children.

JA Mission Moment
As a JA high school volunteer, Tom is often requested from seniors at Central High School to be a mentor. Tom works with the students after school and on the weekends and guides them through their senior projects, a requirement for graduation. Last year, Tom worked with a student that resulted in the student receiving an A on his senior project, graduating with honors and now attending URI. Tom’s mentee was encouraged to help a non-profit organization so he volunteered with a national early education program called “Jumpstart”, which helps children from low-income families develop language and literacy skills to help them be successful.  Through Tom’s example, his mentee is now a mentor to others.